A Season of Sickness

We’ve been hit with one illness after another around here. It all started with a common cold that escalated into something far more serious for me, though the boys got over it fairly rapidly. However, once our immune systems were compromised, that was it! We were fair game for every little virus. The kids all came down with nasty colds again a week after the first one, Dorian’s GI tract has been acting up and we’ve had multiple consults with the doctor about how to manage his issues.

Then the night before last, Dominic woke up vomiting and vomited for several hours before falling asleep, completely empty, and waking up just fine in the morning. I’m not sure what happened there, since we eat the same food!

Finally, we’re getting over all these colds and tummy bugs and whatever else seems to be thrown our way. Here’s to it actually being the end for a while! Now to rebuild these immune systems!

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