A Spot of Sunshine

It has been RAINING for the past week or so. We?ve been indoors anyway thanks to everyone being sick, but since the boys started feeling better a few days ago, they?ve been dying to go outside.

Now, ordinarily, we don?t get rain this time of year, much less 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I feel like I?m back on the West Coast! Normal rainy season weather is sunshine all morning, then rain about 3pm and into the night. The past few rainy seasons have been weird and this particular one has been so dry that there are some serious droughts in the country and people are starving to death because they don?t have enough to eat.

Then you have this bizarre week. It always rains on Nov. 1st, always destroying the kites and causing people to run for shelter, fiambre in hand. However, there are usually many sunny dry days before that and afterwards, the rainy season officially gives up the ghost. Not this year!

Then this morning, I got up entirely too early thanks to my kids and when the sun started to rise, we were treated to incredible blue skies and beautiful sunshine for the first time in many days!! The boys were excited, but since they got up so early, Dante had to have a nap. Irving got in at four am, so he?s still sleeping as I write this. And, the sunshine is trying . . . . but I can see black clouds roiling just over Antigua, which means they?ll be hitting us shortly, butting up against the volcano and dumping all their rain on us.

I wish we?d had more sleep so we could have gone out and enjoyed even an hour in this beautiful weather.

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