A Switch Gone Bad

So, last night I decided to get Dante out of our room. The boys aren`t sleeping well, either of them, so I figured they could not sleep together. Maybe they`d entertain one another.

I moved the crib into Dorian`s room nice and early and the boys played around in there. Dorian was quite excited to have his brother sleeping in his room.

Later, I bathed them and dressed them in Pjs in the new room. Dante jumped up and ran into our room and waited for me, until I called him back for stories. We all three snuggled up on Dorian`s bed to read and the boys had a little wrestle, then I tucked Dorian in according to our normal routine and rocked and sang to Dante before putting him to bed, just like normal. As soon as I closed the door, he started to scream.

Now, I`d expected that the two of them would have a hard time falling asleep when they had a playmate in the same room. When Dorian was about a year old, he moved into his own room and immediately began to sleep better (our snoring had been waking him), so I didn`t really consider the possibility that Dante would be so attached to one particular sleeping space. Oops.

Kids are so different. Dante totally flipped out and was hysterical about the situation. I ended up putting him back in our room where he promptly fell asleep. So now we aren`t sure what to do.

One thing I thought of is that I usually do time outs in Dorian`s room, so maybe Dante associated the closing door with a punishment. The other thing is that he literally sleeps anywhere during his naps, so I`m thinking of having him nap in there and sleep nights in our room. Just to get him used to the idea. We`ll see. At the moment, I`m kind of reeling from the fact that my youngest son is so resistant to change when his older brother, usually the one who needs that strict routine, had no issues with moving out of our room.

This may also put a cramp in our plans to take the boys on a two day vacation to the lake, I`m not sure how I`ll get him to sleep in a hotel room, even if we take his crib.

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