A Thumb Doodles Book Review

I recently got a few new books from The Book Depository to use for school. Two of them were for art, including this one:

What I liked about this book first off was that it includes the little ink pads for you to get started immediately. In fact, there are blank pages inside the book so you don’t even need extra paper. And the marker for detailing is also included. Very handy.

When I pulled this book out, the boys were quite excited. Getting ink all over their fingers? Yes, please!! They tore into it immediately, not at all interested in what the book had to say. I stopped them and we worked our way through the introduction on how to use your fingers as art tools and some different techniques.

There are several sections in the book, covering how to make sealife, people, etc. Here’s a page that the kids loved:

The ink isn’t like ink at all . . . it’s more like paint on an inkpad, which makes the colors a little softer and it’s much easier to wash off than regular ink. The book is half blank or inspirational pages, but that’s fine. The kids used their own papers to work on or I never would have heard the end of the fighting!

This is what Dorian did:

This was from the sea life page. Dante’s picture was scribbled on by a certain toddler and ruined, so I didn’t get a picture of it.

Overall, the book was a lot of fun and the boys have asked to use it a couple of times since. There is also a Star Wars Thumb Doodles book, which we may need to consider soon. Since The Book Depository has free shipping around the world, we can get these books really easily.

Grab your own copy of the Thumb Doodles book on The Book Depository or Amazon. (both affiliate links!)

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