A Whole Slew of Projects

Since I was up all night, I revamped my DIY Wedding Planner blog and made it all spiffy, with new ads, new text that is WAY easier to read (the earlier template had grey on grey) and lots more articles. I think it looks pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

The idea is to continue building my empire of blogs. Bwaa ha ha! Well, there´s this one which is just for fun and personal stuff, At Home Mom is for wahms and business, DIY Wedding Planner is (duh) for brides planning their weddings and then I have Last Minute Cook, which has been sadly neglected, but will be getting an overhaul as well. Then there will be Gear Up to Travel, which is going to be a fun review of travel gadgets. I love travel, I love gadgets, it´s the perfect match. Plus, I just wasn´t busy enough!

Besides blogs, I´m working on a few websites. My PLR Article Packs site has been running for quite a while now, but I just put it on WordPress, so it is super easy to manage and looks tons more professional. Next up is Online Guatemala Parents, which is a website for adoptive parents coming to Guatemala. I´ve met a lot of them here and they tend to feel overwhelmed with the culture and don´t usually speak the language. Some are so scared, they don´t go any more than two blocks from their hotel and none of them knows what is available here in the way of diapers, formula, etc, so they bring huge great bags down with them.

My idea is to create a website that gives them an idea of prices, what´s available, best family friendly hotels and apartments, etc. The money-making side of things will come later, but I´m thinking of starting a baby equipment rental so families don´t have to bring down great huge strollers and cribs. We´ll see. I´m still using my baby stuff, anyway! There will also be maps to the playgrounds around here and ideas for activities to do with older kids, since many bring their other children with them.

So, my days, or nights, as the case may be, are pretty darn full. Now, if I could just get organized, I could actually get this stuff done!

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