Aba and da Munks

Dorian has been rapidly expanding his vocabulary and he now requests books and movies by name, which really helps speed the process up. Rather than trying to figure out what book he wants by going through them all and holding each one up, he just says ?In the Zoo? (Put Me In the Zoo) or ?Mr. Brown Can Moo? and it´s quite simple to find exactly the book he needs.

But yesterday, he wanted to watch a video and he wasn´t sure which one. I asked him if he wanted to see Cars again. Nope. Woody? Nope. Finally he said, ?Aba. I want Aba.? I had no idea what that was, so I got out the cd case where we keep our DVDs so he could look through and pick the one he wanted.

Well, we definitely need to get a separate case for kid-friendly movies, because he decided first that he wanted to see Rush Hour 3 and then, when I said that was out, he wanted Alien vs. Predator! :S

Dorian finally settled on Enchanted, but it still wasn´t the movie he´d been looking for. This morning, he got up and told me. ?I wanna watch Aba.? Again with the Aba . . .

?What´s Aba?? I asked.

?Aba and da Munks.? He said. And then he pretended to be me understanding . . . ?OHHH! ABA and da MUNKS!? Finally it dawned on me . . . he wanted Alvin and the Chipmunks! Once we had that figured out, he was a very happy little boy and settled down to watch his movie. To tell you the truth, though these moments can be frustrating, it is really cute to see how he interprets words!

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