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Hi, I’m Genesis, originally from Canada, but now right at home here in Guatemala. I arrived in Guatemala in 2002, on my way to Brazil. I decided to stick around long enough to learn the language and earn some money, but I met and fell in love with Irving and never did make it to Brazil! I’m now a work at home mom and a freelance writer.

Irving is my common-law spouse. We’ve been together for over 10 years now. He’s a musician and runs a small computer repair business out of our home. We live in a small house on the same property as his family, which is less than thrilling at times.

After three miscarriages, we were thrilled to welcome Dorian Gabriel into our family in December of 2005. He was born with IA (imperforate anus) which required a surgery when he was just one day old, to give him a colostomy. He had reconstructive surgery at 6 months and then a colostomy reversal at 13 months. He still has some intestinal problems and has had one further surgery since then. He’s my gamer kid, the one who loves computers and has a natural affinity for all things technical. He’s also a huge zombie fan.

In May 2007, Dante Luka joined our family. He was my blue eyed, blond haired boy! No one thought he was Irving’s, but his hair and eyes darkened over time and now he’s my green eyed, brunette kiddo. He’s also the artistic one in the family and will spend hours drawing, painting and crafting. Apart from that, he’s crazy hyper. Dante loves anything to do with art and is a little obsessed with anything Halloween, year round.

We figured our family was done with two little boys so close together. But . . . in 2012, we welcomed a new baby boy, Dominic Cruz into the final spot in our family. He’s the obvious baby of the family, but he can hold his own against his big brothers. Like Dorian, he was an early talker and he doesn’t hesitate to let you know if he’s ticked with you! He’s also snuggly and loves to kiss us, when he’s in the mood. He likes playing with tools, drawing and making messes. he’s also a fanatic of climbing as high as he can, so we have to keep a close eye on him.

That’s our family! We homeschool the boys and enjoy a very laid back lifestyle here in Guatemala.

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  1. So many questions!! I skipped through a couple of your posts but would love to talk further details. I too met a man in Guatemala . He proposed and I said yes and I want to take the jump and move from Canada to Guatemala but am battling a lot of different fears! I would love to have some to answer a few of my questions. I travel to and from Guatemala every three months or so. I didn’t see your e-mail but would love to ask some questions or do you know of anyone who would be willing to correspond in regards to transitioning from Canada to Guatemala?

  2. Norm just posted on my Blog that you had a son with an imperfect anus. I posted about neighbors here in Mexico who adopted a dog and have a son with the same problem. His was sadly not taken care of correctly and at 12 years is stuck with a colostomy and other internal organs that don’t work well. Medical care is not high on the list of priorities here for some reason

  3. Hello! I have lived on and off in Guatemala over the past 7 years and am hoping to return soon. I homeschooled last year but now want to hire a private tutor since I need to go back to work and can’t afford to hire one here in Buffalo where we live. Anyway, it would be nice to connect with other homeschool/alternatively educated kids when we return if you are anywhere near Panajachel. Best regards!

  4. Please help! Does anybody know of a current blogger that resides in gitmo as an expat? My hubby is planning toove there in a month and we’re my children and I will follow soon after. I would really like to get in touch with someone who already lives there and can give me some positive and helpful feedback, as well as advice on the life and how to make the best of it!!! Thanks!!

  5. Hi Genesis,
    I am coming to Guatemala in April for 3 months with my husband and 4 children. I was hopeing to rent a furnished house during this time in either Antigua or San Lucas. Do you have any contacts that I could email to organise this before we arrive or would you recommend that we just stay in a cheaper hotel for that period. We are doing volunteer work at a hospice/orphanage so don’t want to be paying high prices. Also if you could recommend a good local language school in Antigua I would appreciate it. Thank you.
    Toni Hancock
    New Zealand

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