Ack, Computer Problems Again

Don´t you just love computers? They really make life different. While supposedly increasing our productivity, they are also really, really good at wasting our time. Take today for example.

My computer has been running slower and slower these past few days and despite multiple virus scans, nothing was fixing it. So, I decided to bite the bullet and reformat my main hard drive, even if it meant spending an entire day reformatting everything. Since it was basically impossible to work on the darn thing (even when I typed, the letters would lag! I had such slow internet access, I couldn´t do anything), it was time to do a complete scrub.

Well, Irving reformatted the drive for me and then I set about trying to get all my programs reinstalled. And everything froze. Every time I tried to do anything, it would just get slow again and we couldn´t figure out what it was. Finally, Irving discovered that I had some half-downloaded files on my secondary hard drive that were causing problems. And we couldn´t just erase them, they kept reappearing!

I think I finally have the problem solved now, but I spent nearly all morning on this instead of writing or even doing some housecleaning. It feels like such a waste of time. Sometimes I wish computers had never been invented. Well, not really. But I do wish they wouldn´t have so many problems!

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