Adios, Carro

Our car has been sitting in the neighbor?s garage for . . . well, a while. With the upcoming trip to Canada, there was no way we could afford to put the new computer in and quite frankly, I?m sick the stupid thing anyway.

So I listed it for sale on MundoAnuncio, a classified site here. It actually got a lot of responses, considering the thing won?t even start . . . but no one was actually willing to come out to our area to see it.

The car sat. Irving?s cousin (the same one who cost us the motorcycle) stole a couple of things out of it to sell.

It sat some more. And finally we managed to sell it to someone we know who lives fairly close to us. And, in true Guatemalan style, it was a sort of barter deal. Here?s what we got for the car:

- Cash (in two payments)
- Labor (the guy is a builder)
- A 20? Panasonic TV, nearly new
Too bad they didn?t have a washing machine to throw in . . .

Not bad for a car that won?t even start! (that should be ?wouldn?t? since they put in the new computer and it now runs)

I?m very relieved to have one less piece of stress around!

Update: Well, the darn thing is back again. They changed their minds.

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