Adjectives Galore

Dorian has been talking for a while now, but he´s recently started adding adjectives (apart from colors) to his conversations. I find it very interesting to listen to him talk. Here are a few things that have popped up lately.

?Mama, look, it´s hot. REALLY hot!? (talking about his Tonka that was sitting in the sun)

?Oops, my shoes wet!? (after pouring water on them)

?Dante is really mess.? (pointing to Dante who had just thrown up)

?This is disgusting!? (referring to Dante´s dirty diaper)

?Excellent.? (praising his papa for reaching something up high)

?Ewww! Yucky on my foot!? (referring to Jello that he stepped in)

And his latest, which have nothing to do with adjectives:

?Mama, this ooky is bugging me.? (talking about a bug on the floor, I think he meant to say ?this bug is ooky?)

?Ok, ok, ok. I sleep now.? (spoken before I said a thing, after he´d been playing in his room about an hour after bedtime!)

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