After Agatha Part 1

Well, we made it through the storm unscathed, though a little damp. I was disappointed that my zucchinis were drowned.

And our yard was flooded.

Irving sunk almost knee deep into the dirt in front of the bathroom, most of which was taken away by the gushing water.


But today, we went out on his dad?s bike to see what was going on around us. And suddenly, my zucchinis didn?t seem too important anymore.

Up the hill from us, trees were down in the road, but the damage was minimal.

Below us, going toward Antigua, things were a bit worse.

Some people had the right idea!

This guy was very careful to keep his feet out of the muck, but his kids seemed to have the opposite goal in mind!

There was a lot of sandbagging along the way.

We turned to go into San Pedro, with the idea of heading through to San Miguel, where a woman I know and her family live. She hasn?t been online since Friday and I was worried. While I didn?t know where she lives, I just wanted to check the area out.

The entrance to San Pedro was full of mud and broken walls.

The river here had overflowed, since the riverbed is much shallower than where we live.

At first glance, the town seemed fine! Everyone was out and about, looking for damage.

But a couple of blocks past the central park and we hit this:

The water came right through this residential area and wiped out the house below.

Just a short distance further and we came across two cars . . .

An entire section of wall had washed away from the residential.

This is where we turned back and headed through Panorama to San Miguel to see what things were like there. The devastation in that pueblo was incredible. However, since this post is getting very long, I?ll post it separately.

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