After Agatha Part 2 ? San Miguel

After having seen how bad things were at the tail end of San Pedro, we heard that San Miguel was really in dire straights. We headed around by way of the highway and were told there was no way through. We went anyway and bumped into this.

This is actually a highway!

There was something in the distance, so we walked a ways along the edge of the highway to see what was happening. People were coming back and telling us the news as we went.

It seems the water took out an entire neighborhood. Everything ended up down here and the rescue workers were searching for the bodies of at least 5 adults and some 7-9 children who were washed away in their homes.

Here they are, pulling something out of the hole. We didn?t see what it was, but were told that a man and woman had been found.

On that somber note, we headed into town and found this:

That?s a dresser up on top there, and someone?s fence or wall below.

People were joining forces to dig and try and find bodies. After a while, they had to rest, though.

A bakery sent many many cakes to hand out to the workers and hungry people. We stopped by the church where people were staying . . . someone told us that a group of foreigners was there, so we thought my friend might be there, but she wasn?t.

We went up another block and found the big chunks of debris that were hauled out.

Then we went to where it all started. Apparently a company bought this land, smoothed out and filled the causeway and then sold the pieces of land on top for very low prices. The result? People snatched them up and built on them. Until now, it wasn?t a problem.

There used to be houses here.

Here?s another house in the same area that wasn?t washed away but was knocked down.


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