All a Matter of Perspective

Dorian was unusually fussy this morning and by 8:30, it was obvious that he needed a nap. This, despite the fact that he has steadfastly refused to sleep during the day for the past week. So, imagine my surprise when he went down and didn´t even peep! Just straight off to sleep. At 9 am!

He slept for two and a half hours while I wrote feverishly in an attempt to take full advantage of the quiet time.

When he woke up, we realized why he had been so eager to sleep. He had a fever. Our thermometer broke a couple weeks back and I haven´t gotten around to buying a new one, but his forehead was pretty warm. So, acetaminophen it was and then he sat and scarfed down two entire sausages and a big bunch of pasta and a bowl of rice cereal (his current obsession). Then he ran off to play outside. I guess he´s ok,then!

With all this sickness going around, I feel like I´m being horribly unproductive. My nose is stuffy and I keep checking the boys to see if they are ok. Dante isn´t sleeping well and Dorian is having a meltdown every few minutes. Although I know it´s because he doesn´t feel great, it´s hard to take when I am feeling pretty crappy myself. Irving is helping, but sometimes a boy just wants his mommy.

That being said, I was just looking at my tally sheet for today and I realized that really, I have done more writing in the past day and a half than for the past week. It is nowhere close to my daily goal, but still, it is pretty good. And maybe, just maybe, I over-estimated how much I can get done in a day. I might have set the bar too high. So perhaps this will have to be an adjusted tally and I will try to finish my goals in two weeks instead of just one.

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