All the Time Learning

I don´t know about you, but I love to learn. Maybe a little too much.

When I was really little, I used to beg my mom to teach me to read, but she wouldn´t teach me early. She said I had to wait until I was ready. Well, when I started first grade, I was SO impatient to finish the whole alphabet thing and get to the reading part. Finally, she brought out the reading books and I pretty much had it by day two. I just needed the theory, really!

By the end of Grade One, I was reading everything I could get my hands on, including the Chronicles of Narnia series! I haven´t stopped either. All up through high school, I read upwards of 60 books a month, mostly how to´s and technical ones with a few novels thrown in for good measure. I still absorb information that way, but mostly through the internet now that I live in Guatemala.

The result? I have an awful lot of knowledge stored in this head of mine and I doubt I´ll ever use half of it. For instance, do you think I will ever need to build a yurt? I don´t think so. Raise goats or chickens? Perhaps, but not until we find a bigger piece of land to live on!

I was thinking about this because for this 30 Day Challenge that I´m doing, I am looking for niches. So I started looking at different ideas for niches and found myself getting interested in a whole variety of things and starting to read about them. Which I absolutely do not have time for.

Then I got to thinking about how Dorian is always wanting to know why things work and why we react the way we do to stuff like pain and surprises and kisses. And I really hope that he wants to cram his head full of information that he might never use, too. Because people who love to learn usually love to put at least some of their knowledge to use. And if nothing else, they make for very interesting folks to talk to!

Do you love to learn?

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