Almost as Good as the Zoo

Today, Dante stayed with his tia, Diana, while I took Dorian into Antigua to buy diapers. It was really the first time we have done anything together, just the two of us, since I was about 6 months pregnant with Dante!

The trip was a huge success! I was worried that he was going to be running off down the street, but he was amazingly well-behaved (guess it was just his little brother setting him off!) and walked nicely beside me, even holding my hand!

The highlight of our shopping trip was passing the pet shop. They had all the animals outside today. Usually there is just a cage of bunnies or maybe a puppy or two. Today there were about six puppies, a cage full of full-grown chicken (kikins, as Dorian calls them), hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, kittens and parakeets. With such a selection, we had to stay for quite some time, inspecting each critter!

The puppies were playing very rambunctiously and Dorian thought it was hilarious, until he laughed so hard he backed into the chicken cage and freaked out. I guess when a chicken is nearly the same size as you, it can be kind of scary!

We had no problems leaving either, I just said, ?Say goodby to the puppies.? He waved, said, ?Adios.? And off we went!

Considering that most of yesterday was spent trying to calm two screaming boys, today is quite relaxing!

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