An Afternoon of Puppetry

Irving left early today, which meant I was on my own with the boys. When Irving is away, we often make things and do crafts, since he isn`t around to freak out at the mess. So, today, after naps, we made happy/sad puppets.

That new table sure comes in handy!

Dante tried to eat the googly eyes, so his puppet was a little simpler than Dorian`s.

Dorian`s got the full treatment, even hair!

The puppets have a happy face on one side and a sad one on the other. I think this fellow isn`t sure whether to laugh or cry at the way his face was put together. . .

By the way, the noses were going to be circles, too, but Dorian, who is learning about shapes right now, insisted on having ?ovals?.

While I was busy helping Dorian put his puppet together, Dante taste tested the glue . . . and wasn`t impressed.

Dorian has the whole happy vs. sad thing down, too.

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