An Eternity of Tantrums

Irving took Dorian to school with him today. I was glad because our toddler stayed up until 10 pm last night! He just kept getting up and would not go to sleep. So this morning he was a bit on the grumpy side.

Irving tried to worm his way out of it, saying that it was raining too hard, but then it kind of stopped, so he lost his excuse. Since I have just 11 articles to go in order to have the money for my kitchen floor, I wasn´t backing down and off they went, Dorian with his bottle of soy milk and an extra diaper, Irving rather grumpy about the fact that he had to hold to his promise to take his son to work with him.

Fast forward one hour. I hear a familiar yelp outside and there they are, back already. When I asked why, the response was that Irving had forgotten to take out the garbage . . . but then he admitted that he just couldn´t handle Dorian´s tantrums in public! He told me, ?It seemed like an hour that sped by to you, but for me, it was an eternity!? Ahem, excuse me while I stifle incredulous laughter . . . . mmmffghghghg . . . . .

Um, what about the times when he is off on tour with the band and I have not one, but TWO screaming children to deal with? Or when he is off hanging out with his family and I am battling a toddler who refuses to allow a diaper change, even though his diaper is hanging off his butt and sagging to his ankles? And who is it that never gets a break from BOTH kids at the same time, who has to take the baby or the toddler when she does shopping because Papa can only deal with one at a time? An hour, my foot! Try 15,800 hours . . . that is approximately how many I have spent looking after children since Dorian was born, give or take an hour.

I guess that´s just the life of a mother. It should be interesting at the end of the month when I have to go to Mexico for 3 days to renew my visa in order to get a new passport. I am starting to wonder if all three boys will survive!

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