And Now the Monitor

You´d think I would have had my fair share of computer problems by now, wouldn´t you? But no. Apparently, now that my computer has been all but replaced, my monitor has decided to commit suicide. I guess it couldn´t take the pressure from the new compu. :S

As I type this, my screen is going from a hazy grey to dark grey and back again. It´s really quite irritating and annoying to the eyes! Flickering screens have never been something that I enjoy and this one is really getting bad.

And I´m sad. Because I´m tired of worn out computer parts and I LIKE my monitor. It´s big. It worked perfectly until a few hours ago . . . except for the menu button. And a new one will cost more money. Money that was SUPPOSED to go toward building materials. But everything I see on the tech support forums indicates that this is the end for my monitor. Luckily we have two computers, so I can use the other monitor for now, but it´s tiny and not as nice!

We´ll see how much longer this one lasts. Oh, and did I mention that my mouse died a couple days ago, too? I think the keyboard is still good . . . fingers crossed.

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