And Then The Lights Went Out

Last night we had a killer storm, with some VERY loud lightening. Dorian doesn´t mind lightning and thunder, but they scare the living daylights out of Dante. And then we had a particularly loud clap of thunder and the lights went ?ZzzPOP!? and everything died. The whole upper half of the town was without electricity for the better part of the night!

Since Dorian is deathly afraid of the dark, we decided that instead of letting him stay up all night (the boys were still up at 8:30), we´d put a candle, in a bowl of water, in his room and I would sleep on the extra mattress on the floor. He wasn´t impressed with the idea of going to bed. I told him I would sleep with him and he said, ?Ok, go sleep, Mami. I no sleepy.? When my bed on the floor was finally made up, he got pretty excited about the idea of having a sleepover and eagerly climbed into his bed, instructing me to lie down on mine.

We lay there in the night for a bit, watching the candlelight flicker on the tin roof. Then, when he thought I was asleep, he got up and grabbed a book to read. I rolled over and suggested that he go back to bed and he ran over to show me his book and ask me to read the story. Finally, he got back into bed and I thought he´d gone to sleep about 15 min. later, but when I looked . . . he was just laying there, jiggling his He is SO my son. I was doing the exact same thing in my bed! Neither of us falls asleep fast! So we finally fell asleep about an hour later and the lights came back on at 4:30 am.

This morning, I woke up to a little voice saying, ?eat, eat? and a crusty piece of bread being pushed against my lips. Dante had crawled onto my mattress and was trying to feed me! When I got up, Dorian had gotten the bread down and was eating beans (leftovers from last night) and bread! It would appear that he´d fed his brother, too and they didn´t want me to miss out.

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