Anyone Here Podcast?

Just curious if anyone here has ever done a podcast. I was over at Grow Your Writing Business this weekend for the Writer´s Cafe and we all got to talking about how podcasting can be a good way to make yourself more identifiable to your audience.

For me, personally, podcasting is just scary. I´m not that fond of my voice, it´s a bit weird and people tell me that I´ve picked up a strange accent over the years. I recently talked to a woman from Alberta, Canada and the first thing she said after we´d exchanged hellos was ?You have an accent . . . I thought you were from Canada??

Also, in my infrequent calls to my family, they tend to make fun of my strange accent (much like they do here when I speak Spanish . . . I´m safe in no language now!). Apparently, it is a cross between British/Australian/Canadian and Spanish. Ok. You can see why I´m a tad insecure about the idea of doing a podcast.

However, I´m thinking it might be an interesting way to connect with my readers from time to time . . . what do you think? Would you be interested in listening to an odd expat mom accent?

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