Anyone Up For Some Guatemalan Goodies?

Are We There Yet Mom is hosting an Autumn Goody Swap and I´m participating. Basically, each person sends a package of yummy things to the next one on the list and everyone should have something delicious in the mail before Halloween.

Now, at the moment, I happen to be the last name on the list . . . but that can all change! If you are interested in participating, run over to the Swap and sign Mr. Linky right now. Guaranteed, you´ll get some great stuff, but if you are the next person in line, I´ll be sending out some delicious treats from Guatemala such as Candy Maiz, Morenitas and tons of other great stuff! So, you want to get in there fast. Oh, and when you sign up, don´t forget to mention in the comments that Expat Mom sent you!

Now, there are a few questions that were asked, so I´m going to answer those right here on my blog instead of in the comments on the swap post:

What do you like best about Fall?
Here in Guatemala, we don´t have fall, but back in Canada, I loved going for walks in the brisk chilly air and smelling the fallen leaves . . . I miss that musky odor and the crunch of dried leaves under my feet.

Do you have any family traditions for this time of year?
Not really. When I was little, we used to hang out in my mom´s garden, after the first frost, eating everything she hadn´t harvested already. That was fun, half-frozen peas, carrots dug fresh from the ground . . . yum!

What´s your favorite Halloween chocolate?
Wanna hear something interesting? We never celebrated Halloween in my family because my parents are Christians. We also weren´t allowed sugar items like chocolate, so I didn´t really get to try any until later on. I guess those mini Snickers would be on the list.

Halloween treat you don´t like?
Not sure. I´m a sucker for candy in general after my sugar-repressed childhood (FYI: As soon as I went off the healthy diet that my parents condoned, I got quite sick and thanks to sugar, my immune system has never been the same, so they did a very good job in that department).

The last question is about Halloween costumes, but since I´ve never celebrated Halloween, I´ve never had a costume. If I had, I probably would have been a vampire.

Ok, what are you waiting for? Pop over to Are We There Yet Mom and sign up for the Autumn Goodie Swap . . . and don´t forget to tell her that I sent you!

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