Are You a Morning Person?

I am not a morning person. Well, I should rephrase that. I?m not a 3 am morning person. Personally, I like to sleep in until at least 6:30, but that´s just me!

Unfortunately my kids don?t share my enthusiasm for sleeping a few more hours after midnight. Both of them figure that an hour or two ought to do it! At the moment, they sleep in different rooms, Dorian in his own, Dante with us. But at some point these two are going to be in the same bedroom and that is when the trouble will really start.

I can just imagine them throwing parties in the wee hours, inviting stuffed animals and playing rock music, jumping on their bed and just generally wreaking havoc. A preview of their teen years, I?m sure!

The problem with the boys waking up so early is that they get to have naps and go back to sleep (they seem to fall back asleep around the time I would like to be getting up), but their poor mama doesn?t have that option! Unfortunately, laundry must be done, articles must be written and meals must be prepared.

A few people have told me to wake them up at 7 so they will get used to it. Trust me, I have tried. The result? Two VERY grumpy little boys who then proceed to cry and fuss until naptime, sleep for a couple of hours, then are up and crying again for the remainder of the day.

I think I prefer to let them sleep in the morning so I can at least get some stuff done! Besides, getting them up early never got them to sleep through the night anyway!

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