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I’ve been sewing up a storm lately (more on that in a future post), and Dante has decided to take it up, too.

He’s previously made some fun stuffies and a pair of shorts for himself, but the other day, he told me he wanted to make something bigger. So, he made himself an “adventure” bag . . . which was a child-sized messenger bag, pattern found here.

Child's messenger bag
He learned all about seam rippers with this project! He added a pocket to the inside of his bag in case he needs to carry extra items and some Velcro to the flap to help it stay closed. While the bag is certainly not perfect, he absolutely loves it and is super proud that he made it himself!

Dante told me that he plans to go on a 10 day walkabout, to test his survival skills. Hence the bag. I didn’t want to tell him no way, absolutely not, so I suggested he try camping out in the yard first. I suspect he’ll be too frightened during the night to dream of going out on his own. If not . . . well, I guess it’s time for some family camping trips.

Also, I’m rethinking my plan to read My Side of the Mountain to the boys soon . . . don’t want him to get any crazy ideas!

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