Babies Everywhere!

It seems like everywhere I turn, there are babies right now. One of my fellow Guate bloggers and reader, Carrie, just had her sweet baby boy yesterday. Congrats to her! He’s a gorgeous little guy. :)

My in-laws are coming up babies everywhere, too. My sister-in-law, Diana, is due to have her little one within the next month, I believe. My BIL, Vardin, and his wife, Evelyn, are doing genetic counseling to see if they can try for another, though I know their hearts are hurting for Sofia still. And it looks like there will be another baby in the family soon, too, via another sibling-in-law (that’s not 100% confirmed, but we all suspect, heh).

I thought all these babies would be sure to give me baby fever, but so far, nothing. There were two brothers who were at our house yesterday, with their mother, to work on the concrete. One is 10 and the other 16, the same age difference as Dorian and Dominic. The brothers seemed to pretty much ignore each other except for the occasional snide remark and it made me sad to see. There was no camaraderie between them as there is with Dorian and Dante and it hurts me to think that Dominic will grow up by himself. They love to squeeze and play with him now, but in ten years, that will be very different.

That being said, I feel done with babies. I have 0 desire to be pregnant again. NO interest in puking for nine months and absolutely no interest in going through another C-section (or birth in general, for that matter). When I see a pregnant woman, I try to imagine it again, but nope. So I think our original decision stands. Domi will have to make do with cousins and tagging along after big brothers.

And on that note, I need to start working on baby presents! I’m hoping I’ll get some snuggle time with someone else’s babies. ?

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