Baby Shower Goodies

Two of my sisters-in-law are pregnant and one is almost ready to pop, so she had a surprise baby shower on Sunday. Since she’s having a girl, it was a fun opportunity to make pink, girly stuff!

When Dominic was born, she loved the little top-knot hats that I made for him, so I made three for her daughter.

I looked on Pinterest for ideas involving diapers, since I wanted to give her some, but didn’t want to just give her a bag of diapers. There were some adorable ideas, including a diaper trike and diaper cakes, etc. However, since my patience is running at 0 these days, I decided to do diaper cupcakes instead of risking a huge amount of newborn size disposables flying all over the place if the curve didn’t hold.

Then I made some little hair clips, grabbed some socks, headbands and ready made clips and some baby washcloths to finish the whole thing off.

The cupcakes were tucked into cupcake papers and set in a cake box that I covered with girly wrapping paper and then I sprinkled them with heart sequins as a finishing touch.

It was so nice to craft again! It didn’t take long to do these at all and I love how they turned out! Best of all, the mother-to-be was thrilled, too.

Since Squidoo no longer exists, I’m adding the tutorial for these diaper cupcakes here.

First, you’ll need some diapers, preferably white ones  (not like I used!), elastic bands, a hairband and a baby washcloth, plus a decoration (like a hair clip) for the top and some cupcake wrappers. I added socks to mine, which I just rolled up inside the diaper so the edge stuck out.

diaper cupcake

Open the diaper up and fold it into thirds, lengthwise. Roll from the front to the back to make a tight spiral.

diaper cupcake tutorial

I found it worked best to leave the middle slightly sticking out.

diaper cupcakes

Fold your washcloth so it is the same height as the diaper and wrap it around. Secure with an elastic band or two.

diaper cupcake tutorial

Cover the band with a hair tie and use a bit of tape to attach the decoration on top.

how to make diaper cupcakes

Pop into a cupcake paper and serve at a baby shower.

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