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Weird title for January, huh? Well, here in Guatemala, the school year starts in January, so we do the same, though we do school year round. We took a month off for Christmas and New Year’s and our new year started yesterday.

Dorian is officially in Grade 4 and Dante in Grade 3. I find it really hard to believe that I have children in these grades! Dominic is doing some preschool and some kindergarten work at the moment.

To kick off the new school year, we sat down and worked out some learning goals for the new year. Some were practical. Dominic wants to learn to write his name, read all the letters and learn about police and firetrucks. Dante wants to learn origami, how to do story problems, read a chapter book and learn about Hawaii. Dorian would like to illustrate a story, learn to work with big numbers and learn about Africa and Egyptians.

However, some of their goals were kind of funny. For example, when I asked what they wanted to learn in Science, all three yelled, “Potions!” Dante and Dominic want to earn some money and Dorian would like to learn to cook lasagna. All three want to learn to swim. We are also apparently on track to get a bunny and another cat!

This year is all about practical things and timelines. We’re focusing heavily on history this year, but we’re also going to be working on skills for the future. I hope that by looking at the past, the boys will have a better idea of what they want in the future. Since they are both reading quite a bit now, we’re also doing a lot of that this year. I’ve been ordering books through The Book Depository, which ships free to Guatemala, plus we added a reading corner to their room.

Irving built the simple book rack and we found some cheap bean bags for the kids to sit in. With their books facing out like this, they spend a lot more time grabbing books to read. We also put a mini shelf by Dominic’s bed for his books.

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