Balloon Fidget Tutorial

A while back, I mentioned that we use fidgets to help the boys stay focused during school. Dante in particular is very hyper and needs to move. He’s constantly hopping on and off his chair and running around the room during school, so it’s good to have something he can handle and play with while listening to lessons. One of the fidgets we use is this balloon fidget, which is super easy to make!

To start, you’ll need:

2 balloons in different colors
Corn, rice, salt, flour, or other filler of your choice
A funnel

balloon fidgets

Take one balloon and blow it up, then let the air out. This stretches it out a bit.

Cut the ring off the balloon.

Stick the funnel in there and funnel in about 3/4-1 cup of whatever you’re filling with. You may have to push it in once gravity stops helping.

Now cut the tube part of the other balloon off. This doesn’t have to be too precise, but you don’t want too much narrowing of the balloon here.

Now put this balloon over the other one, making sure that the first balloon’s opening is at the back of the second one. It will be a tight fit!

Presto! A fidget that is fun to squeeze and mash and twist in your hands while listening to a lesson!

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