Before the Baby To Do List

I?m going to post this here so I have quick and easy access to it. This is my list of things I need and want to get done before Dominic makes his appearance in approximately 5 weeks!

Must Do

  • Buy a crib.
  • Get more batteries for the camera (plan to take LOTS of pics!)
  • Wash baby clothes/blankets, etc.
  • Make/buy crib sheets.
  • Pack hospital bag.
  • Discuss birth plan with doctor (I?ve never done this before, so I have plenty of questions for him!)
  • Cook freezer meals.
  • Stock pantry with foods kids and my sis will/can eat.
  • Stock up on tea, I know I?ll want plenty after the munchkin arrives!
  • Sort wheat ahead of time for easy grinding for bread after the baby.
  • Plan school for the entire month of March so I won?t be scrambling with a newborn to come up with lesson plans.
  • Figure out sleeping arrangements for my sister.
  • Figure out maternity leave, how, if, when . . .

Should Do

  • Finish sewing baby clothes (started!)
  • Make a quilt (maybe?)
  • Wash windows
  • Get rid of any and everything unnecessary to make room for another kid
  • Organize school stuff for easy access
  • Clean and disinfect the cupboards and get more mouse-proof containers for food
  • Paint bathroom (on my wishlist, but probably won?t happen)
  • Make a water holder for Loopy Peace (he keeps dumping his water out and if we aren?t home I need to be sure he has plenty to drink)
  • Dust entire house
  • Replace shower curtain
  • Go on a spider/centipede killing spree
  • Clean stove/oven
  • Make curtains for the bedroom windows at least (so the baby and I can sleep during the day!)

As you can see, there?s a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. Essentially, the entire house needs to be deep cleaned. Irving is good about doing regular sweeping and mopping and washing up, but we definitely need to do a better cleaning job before my sister gets here!

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