Being a Tourist Again

When you’ve lived in a place for so long, it becomes pretty normal. Even when that place is as exotic as Guatemala. While I enjoy new experiences and checking out new restaurants and such, I really don’t consider myself a tourist anymore. Well, didn’t. That’s changed a bit now.

My friend Claudia and I recently set up a new website, Into Guatemala, to put our knowledge of the area to good use. At first, I was just writing the usual stuff, based on  my years of experience from living here, filled in with a few tidbits from Irving on cultural stuff. But, we set up a Facebook page and an Instagram account and suddenly I found myself in the bizarre position of being a tourist again.

Mayan girls

Walking through the market, I see things with new eyes. I’m looking at the piles of tomatoes and limes and then taking photos of them. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken photos in the market!

It’s interesting, after all these years, to look around with fresh eyes, snapping pictures and writing descriptions for those who may never have been here before. It’s exciting and fun and something I am thoroughly enjoying. While we do hope to eventually make money off this blog, for now, it’s enough that it is reawakening my passion for Guatemala.

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