Aloha Friday 4

Posted on February 15, 2008 - Filed Under Aloha Friday | 7 Comments

Aloha Friday was started at An Island Life and just consists of a quick question that readers can then answer in the comment. My question for today:
What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday? 
For me, it would have to be that both boys went to sleep at the same time and without any [...]

Aloha Friday . . . Back Again

Posted on February 8, 2008 - Filed Under Aloha Friday | 12 Comments

Ok, I´ve been really distracted recently and haven´t done any memes or really even any regular posting. But now I have my main blog, At Home Mom, back and I´m starting to unwind a little from the stress of the past couple of weeks. So, time to get back into memes!
Aloha Friday was started at [...]

Aloha Friday 2

Posted on October 5, 2007 - Filed Under Aloha Friday | Leave a Comment

Kailani at An Island Life, is hosting a meme that started last week. I´m happy to be a part of it. All you do is ask a question on your blog and readers answer. Here´s my question:
What is your favorite comfort food? (if you want to include the recipe, that would be GREAT!)
My Answer: On [...]

Aloha Friday Meme

Posted on September 28, 2007 - Filed Under Aloha Friday | 10 Comments

Ok, I´m just collecting memes these days! I guess because they seem to get a response . . .other times I feel like I´m talking to myself! So, Island Reviews (a very cool contest blog that is on my blog reader) is starting a really fun new meme called Aloha Friday where you ask a [...]

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