There’s Something About Sofia

I have four nieces through Irving’s family (no one else in the family has had a boy yet!). The oldest is Zanelle, of course. She is the oldest grandkid in the family at 11. The rest of my nieces are named Sofia.

Irving’s brother, Vardin, and his wife, Evelyn, had the first Sofia. Her full name was Evelyn Sofia. We call her just Sofia, or the original Sofi. She was born when I was four months pregnant with Dominic and she died when she was just over a month old. She had Crouzon’s Syndrome, but her death was from pneumonia. There are a lot of weird things surrounding her birth and her death, but we will just leave it at the hospital not being the best place for her.

Sofia 2 and 3 were born a month apart. Diana Sofia was born to Irving’s sister, Diana, and her husband, Miguel Angel. She’s a sweet little thing, but she almost never smiles. I’m currently her favorite aunt, but Irving freaks her out for some reason. She also really loves Dominic. She’s almost 7 months old and visits frequently.

Alejandra Sofia was born a month after Sofia 2, to Irving’s youngest brother, Melvin, and his girlfriend, Alejandra (see a theme here?). They thought she was a boy until the moment she was born, so that was a huge surprise for everyone! She is a chubby little angel who has a ready smile. Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems between Irving’s family and Alejandra’s, so Sofia 3 doesn’t get the benefit of knowing most of this side of her family. I’m making sure she gets to know most of her cousins though.

Despite all three girls having their mother’s name as their first name, all three are called Sofia. Why? I’m not exactly sure. It could be a method of tribute for the original Sofia. Or maybe it’s because Sofia is a very popular name at the moment (Sophia is apparently #1 in the US right now). Or perhaps it’s just a lack of imagination. At any rate, I think we’re going to have to find better nicknames than numbers at some point in the near future.

Dance, Dance, Baby!

Dominic is nearly 18 months old and he’s a real live wire. He never stops moving. He sings and dances and climbs like a monkey, but mostly he just wants to be like his big brothers.

Here’s a little video showing a bit of his crazy energy!

Potty Training . . . Already?!

Dominic is always trying to catch up to his big brothers, something I fear he’ll be doing for the rest of his life. Poor kid. Anyway. Back when he was just turning 1, I went to give him a bath and when I took off his diaper, he scurried over to the toilet and peed on the floor right in front of it. He obviously knew that was where you do your business.

Some moms in my due date club suggested I start putting him on the potty, but I figured he was too little still. How would he understand the concept of not going in his pants and using a toilet? So I put it off.

He wakes up every morning and makes a dirty diaper around 4 am. Irving suggested we bring  in the potty and get him on it nice and early. I wasn’t sure, but he went ahead and washed up the old one that the boys supposedly used (but never really did) and showed it to Dominic. The little guy got VERY excited and so we put him on it and he promptly peed.

One day, not long ago, Dominic came outside, carrying his diaper, which he’d taken off. He dropped it in the garbage bin and when I went to put another on him, he said, “No!” Okay . . . I left him diaperless and we put him on the potty every 20 minutes or so. He went  three times before he had an accident, about two seconds before we were going to put him on again.

Since then, he’s regularly without a diaper for at least half the day and has even graduated to pooping in the potty. I don’t even know what to do with a 15 month old who is essentially training himself! My other kids were SO hard to train and we ended up using some pretty insane techniques to get Dante to do anything but pee in the toilet. Not even chocolate worked for those boys!

I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and should just be happy and enjoy the fact that I may actually have a diaper free household within then next 6 months. Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t even imagine that!


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Baby Shower Goodies

Two of my sisters-in-law are pregnant and one is almost ready to pop, so she had a surprise baby shower on Sunday. Since she’s having a girl, it was a fun opportunity to make pink, girly stuff!

When Dominic was born, she loved the little top-knot hats that I made for him, so I made three for her daughter.

I looked on Pinterest for ideas involving diapers, since I wanted to give her some, but didn’t want to just give her a bag of diapers. There were some adorable ideas, including a diaper trike and diaper cakes, etc. However, since my patience is running at 0 these days, I decided to do diaper cupcakes instead of risking a huge amount of newborn size disposables flying all over the place if the curve didn’t hold.

Then I made some little hair clips, grabbed some socks, headbands and ready made clips and some baby washcloths to finish the whole thing off.

The cupcakes were tucked into cupcake papers and set in a cake box that I covered with girly wrapping paper and then I sprinkled them with heart sequins as a finishing touch.

It was so nice to craft again! It didn’t take long to do these at all and I love how they turned out! Best of all, the mother-to-be was thrilled, too.

Since Squidoo no longer exists, I’m adding the tutorial for these diaper cupcakes here.

First, you’ll need some diapers, preferably white ones  (not like I used!), elastic bands, a hairband and a baby washcloth, plus a decoration (like a hair clip) for the top and some cupcake wrappers. I added socks to mine, which I just rolled up inside the diaper so the edge stuck out.

diaper cupcake

Open the diaper up and fold it into thirds, lengthwise. Roll from the front to the back to make a tight spiral.

diaper cupcake tutorial

I found it worked best to leave the middle slightly sticking out.

diaper cupcakes

Fold your washcloth so it is the same height as the diaper and wrap it around. Secure with an elastic band or two.

diaper cupcake tutorial

Cover the band with a hair tie and use a bit of tape to attach the decoration on top.

how to make diaper cupcakes

Pop into a cupcake paper and serve at a baby shower.

He Walks

Dominic has been taking a few steps here and there for weeks now, but a couple of days ago, he decided to just go for it. He refused to crawl anymore and simply kept staggering around, falling down, getting back up and laughing and staggering on. Within 48 hours, he went from a 2-3 stepper and crawler to a long distance walker.

This is where the concrete comes in awfully handy. My little guy never would have made it on the uneven dirt we used to have, but now he hurriedly stomps up and down the concrete entry, busily carrying toys and dirt and rocks back and forth to create his imaginary worlds, without falling very often at all. And he is HAPPY. The first day he really got it, he wouldn’t sleep. He kept wanting to get up and practice running across the kitchen (yes, he’s already going for running because he is my child and we Davies never bother to think that maybe we should start slowly).

It is SO cute to see him walking. I love it. And if I can get my camera working, I might even get a video of it. Because guess who managed to climb up high enough to grab said camera and throw it to the floor? Yup, the little walker. I can sometimes take photos, but videos are very iffy. It likes to throw up the Fireworks symbol if I try to video anything. Which was really, really bad timing.

And on that note, I had better go earn some money so I can buy a new camera and make sure I keep it far, far out of reach.


Dominic is very much a Papa’s boy these days. It is partly because I work at home and Irving tends to have him more during the day and partly because this is just how little kids do things, alternating between favorite parents. Having been through it twice before, it doesn’t bother me. Except for right now.

With Semana Santa in full swing, Irving is gone. He was away yesterday, came home after we were all asleep and left again at 3 am. He won’t be back until Saturday.

Dominic MISSES his papa. He mopes around asking, “Mi Irving? Mi papa?” For a few days, he was convinced Irving was hiding in the bathroom. We’d open the door to show him that Papa wasn’t in there, but as soon as we shut the door, he’d be banging on it again, “Irving! Hey, Irving, veni!”

Now he’s decided to be clingy with me. I can only imagine his thought process, “Papa is gone, he doesn’t come back . . . what if Mama goes, too?!” And so, I have a 13 month old stuck to me like Velcro all day and all night. Seriously. He can’t even nap on his own right now. I need to be in sight at all times and when it comes to sleeping, the poor kid is terrified I’m going to go off and leave him, so he insists on sleeping on top of me. Which is fine for naps, because I just pop him in the sling and he sleeps on my shoulder while I read or work on the computer. However, at night, it’s a bit of an issue.

I don’t sleep well with a kid in my bed. Dominic likes to twist and turn and end up upside down with his feet in my face, so that pretty much keeps me awake. I don’t mind bringing him into bed around 4 am if it means that I can get a bit more sleep, but last night he was really upset and so he ended up spending the entire night in my bed, which he hasn’t done since he was a teensy, tiny newborn. Needless to say, I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

He also wasn’t feeling well, so that probably had a lot to do with it. He woke up at 2 am with a lot of gas and sick burps and finally ended up vomiting a tiny bit and then went back to sleep. Needless to say, I did not, since I’m very much against vomit in my bed (I know, I know, I’m a mom, it happens . . . but not if I’m awake to notice the signs and whip him over a bucket!).

Tonight, he was feeling fine, but he wanted nothing to do with being alone in his crib. Finally, for my sanity, I let him fall asleep in my arms and then put him down in his crib. Hopefully he will stay there tonight and we can all get some sleep!

Thirteen Months

Dominic is now officially one year and one month old. Crazy how fast it’s going.

He has mostly just been growing over the past month. He can walk, but prefers to crawl, since he tends to fall down often. Though he will stroll away from the couch when no one is looking and if you look at him, he laughs and falls down.

He uses a fork to eat and will sit waiting for utensils before eating most of the time. He’s actually better than his big brothers at eating neatly with a fork! Not sure how that happened, but he’s pretty darn good at it.

Sleep has been an issue for a bit. Dominic has had quite  few nightmares lately, so nights are tough. It might not help that he is a papa’s boy and Irving is gone most of the time now for Lent processions and veladas. He’ll be gone even more for Semana Santa, but when that’s over, we should be good.

Dominic is also obsessed with phones right now. If he hears one ring in a movie or in real life, he puts his hand to his ear and says, “Allo? Allo?” He is also enjoying our concrete and spends most of his days outdoors at this point. I’m so glad he has that chance! He gets into the dirt as much as possible and water and helps destroy his brother’s houses that Dante builds with extra wood. In short, he stays very busy all day long!

Babies Everywhere!

It seems like everywhere I turn, there are babies right now. One of my fellow Guate bloggers and reader, Carrie, just had her sweet baby boy yesterday. Congrats to her! He’s a gorgeous little guy. :)

My in-laws are coming up babies everywhere, too. My sister-in-law, Diana, is due to have her little one within the next month, I believe. My BIL, Vardin, and his wife, Evelyn, are doing genetic counseling to see if they can try for another, though I know their hearts are hurting for Sofia still. And it looks like there will be another baby in the family soon, too, via another sibling-in-law (that’s not 100% confirmed, but we all suspect, heh).

I thought all these babies would be sure to give me baby fever, but so far, nothing. There were two brothers who were at our house yesterday, with their mother, to work on the concrete. One is 10 and the other 16, the same age difference as Dorian and Dominic. The brothers seemed to pretty much ignore each other except for the occasional snide remark and it made me sad to see. There was no camaraderie between them as there is with Dorian and Dante and it hurts me to think that Dominic will grow up by himself. They love to squeeze and play with him now, but in ten years, that will be very different.

That being said, I feel done with babies. I have 0 desire to be pregnant again. NO interest in puking for nine months and absolutely no interest in going through another C-section (or birth in general, for that matter). When I see a pregnant woman, I try to imagine it again, but nope. So I think our original decision stands. Domi will have to make do with cousins and tagging along after big brothers.

And on that note, I need to start working on baby presents! I’m hoping I’ll get some snuggle time with someone else’s babies. ?