Dominic Turns One

We celebrated Dominic’s birthday today. He was pretty darn thrilled with the whole affair. I made him a fish cake, since he loves our goldfish and the fish in books.

The inside was blue with yellow polka-dots! I didn’t think it was going to turn out, but it was pretty neat. Even Dominic noticed the dots.

He ate a LOT of cake, asking for more after the first slice was neatly eaten. Yes, neatly. There was no cake covered baby to take photos of . . . he ate it all and only had a little blue icing around his mouth and on his hands.

His gift was a toolbench that lights up and makes noise. It’s the perfect height for him to use standing up and he pushes it around the house as a walker. Dominic isn’t the only one interested in the toy, though!

After cake and gift, we are headed off to get some errands run and a replacement phone for Irving because his was stolen yesterday.

One Year Old

One year ago today, about this time, I was waiting nervously in my hospital room to be wheeled up to the OR for my C-section. By 1:30 pm, Dominic Cruz was screaming at the world and letting everyone know that he was pretty darn unhappy to be pulled from his cozy womb.

Happy birthday, Dominic!

At one year, he is:

– Climbing, climbing, CLIMBING! I even have photos of him up on the computer desk. Which he can reach since he can now climb onto armchairs and the sofa alone.

– Getting picky about food. He won’t let you put just anything in his mouth, he has to look at it first. This does not stop him from shoving dust bunnies in his mouth if he thinks you’re coming to take them away, though.

– Listening better. We can tell him not to go outside and he’ll scoot right to the veeeeery edge of the doorway and sit crosslegged there and wait for someone to come pick him up.

– Skipping naps. Like his oldest brother, Dominic is a firm believer in being awake at all times. He usually only naps once during the day now, instead of twice. Nevermind that this makes him a very grumpy little boy come 5 pm, he WILL stay up to see what is going on in the world.

– Eating by himself. With utensils! Well, not really. He refused to eat his breakfast the other day until he had a fork like everyone else. He worked very hard to scoop up eggs with the fork. When that didn’t work, he tried putting a piece of egg on it with the other hand. It fell off, so he shoved it in his mouth with his hand and repeated the process for three eggs.

– Growing. He’s outgrown nearly everything and we had to go shopping again recently.

– Talking better. Irving was away playing a procession and all day, Dominic was asking, “Where’s mi papa? Where’s mi papa?”

New words:

– Butt (yay for big brothers!)
– Poop
– Yes (he usually only says “si”)

Destruction Mode

When Dante was a baby, we called him “The Destroyer.” This was due to the fact that pretty much anything he touched, he wrecked. He was amazing! He could destroy things that no one would ever dream a baby could take apart.

He has officially lost that title as of yesterday. I was getting lunch going while Dominic sorted through CD cases and when I turned around . . . .

11 Months

These months are simply flying by! Dominic is 11 months old today . . . one more month until he has a birthday and I’m still coming to grips with the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

At 11 months, Dominic is:

– Able to walk a few steps, but prefers to crawl.

– Climbing everything in sight. He put a spare crib railing against my bed the other day, climbed it like a ladder and grabbed my phone off my headboard shelf.

– Escaping every chance he gets. He loves to go outside and dig in the dirt or bang pieces of wood together.

– Examining food before eating it, instead of blindly shoving everything into his mouth. If you  try to feed him something, he will pull back and look at it before he opens his mouth. The first signs of being picky, I guess. :)

– Getting a little bit of attitude. He will yell back at his brothers and even me.

– Responding to countdowns. If I tell him no, he’ll keep his hand where it is, but if I start to count, “ONE! TWO!” He will jerk his hand away and go find something else to do.

– Trying to get places before we do. If he sees the door open and knows we’re going to close it, he will scurry over to try and get out first.

– Obeying simple commands like “Bring it here.” “Give it to me.” and “Go get your book.” He will also shut the door if you ask him to . . . most of the time.

– Pulling plugs out of fans. He is very offended by the existence of fans in our house, maybe because I turn one on when he goes to sleep and he figures they shouldn’t be on any other time. He will rush into the room if he hears one running and find a way to turn it off, either with the switch or pulling the plug.

Recent vocabulary:

“Read it!” “Book.”

“Where’s da baby?” (for playing peekaboo) “I see you!”

“Venite.” (come in Spanish)

“Mevin.” (Melvin) “Ana” (Zanelle)

“Up.” “Open.”



Escape Artist

Yesterday, Irving came running in to where I was working and asked if Dominic was with me. He wasn’t. In fact, he wasn’t anywhere in the house. No worries, we found him . . .

escaped baby signs

around the corner of the bathroom, digging in the dirt. Silly kid!