Polyphasic Sleep and Moms

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There`s this “hot” new thing called polyphasic sleep. It`s really been around for centuries, but supposedly it can make you more productive. You sleep less and work more. I had to laugh when I read it.
Polyphasic sleep is when you sleep for several short stints during a 24 hour period. This is what is [...]

Is It Possible to Have a Flat Stomach?

Posted on July 29, 2007 - Filed Under Body | 2 Comments

Ok, I posted a while back on my Fit Body Competition that my sister and I are doing. I haven´t written updates because the news is quite depressing. I haven´t lost anything! I have to admit that I haven´t been exercising much either, except for dancing around with Dorian to his Hi5 music videos.
However, that [...]

Terrible News for New Mommies

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I just read that lack of sleep can make you fat.
Like moms with newborns need something else to worry about! Here I am, trying to lose the baby weight from two kids and basically not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time and they tell me that this will make me [...]

Tracking Your Fitness

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I just signed up for FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal yesterday and I have to say that I am impressed. It is a free website where you can track your goals, food and exercise.Yesterday, I put in a few goals, added the various foods that I had eaten (I eat WAAAAAY [...]

How I Spent My $6.50

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I recently earned my very first money on my At Home Mom blog. It was only $6.50, but I´m still thrilled.
So, today, on our shopping trip, I decided to spend that money on a luxury item for myself. I bought Herbal Essences shampoo. I used to use it all the time in Canada and [...]

Before the Contest

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Ok, I charged the batteries and had Irving take a couple of photos before he left. Here they are, the Buff Sister Contest before photos.

I plan to lose 40 lbs by December and get all those flabby spots toned up.
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Getting The Pre-Pre-Baby Body

Posted on June 20, 2007 - Filed Under Body | 5 Comments

My sister and I are having a contest to see who will have the hottest bod by the time she comes down to visit in December. She has a slight advantage in that she is younger than me, single and has not popped out two kids in the past year and a half!
Since my pre-Dante [...]

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