Oh Look, More Oil Classes!

Are you tired of hearing about essential oils yet? Last post for a while, I promise.

I’ve got another 101 class starting tomorrow for those who want to learn more about essential oils and family health. If you missed the first one, you’ll want to get in on this one! Click the image to sign up.

Also, if you’re more interested in the business opportunity side of things, I’m offering a business class starting tomorrow, as well. NO obligation to join up, but you can learn a bit more about the doTERRA business and how to make money with the oils. Click the image to sign up.

Both classes begin tomorrow and run for 4 days. See you there!

Why We Use Essential Oils

A lot of people have asked over the years about essential oils and where to get them. It’s one of those things that can be difficult to source in Guatemala, or so I thought until I found out that doTERRA has a warehouse here! I recently signed up with them to be a consultant, but my main reason for this was to get cheaper oils.

I’ve always liked using herbs and natural remedies, like basil tea for amoebas and hot lemonade with honey for a sore throat, so essential oils were the next logical step. Even so, I wasn’t sure how well they’d work for us, but it seemed like a good idea to try.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at some of the results. I’ve written the biggest story out under the Essential Oils tab at the top of the page. Dorian has has some seriously impressive results with doTERRA’s DigestZen. But we’ve been using other blends and oils, too.


I had heard that this stuff was good for relaxing, but when I put it in the boys’ room, they started to sleep 1-2 hours longer than usual, which is amazing. Dorian sleeps very little and so having him crash for an extra hour is pretty surprising. I found we got even better results when I rubbed a drop on the bottoms of their feet before bed.

We also put lavender on bumps and cuts and bruises. It seems to help them heal faster and is great for relieving the discomfort of bug bites. Dante recently had some issues with bug bites and I diligently applied the oil to see if it might help. It most definitely did. The itch relief was immediate and the healing was considerably faster than usual.


This is a blend that is specific to doTERRA and it is SO good. You can use it in place of Vick’s Vaporub, which is what we did. I’ve been avoiding internal use of oils until I have a better understanding of them, but Breathe is also used internally by some. This stuff stopped the boys from coughing all night long and it helped with my coughing, too.

Deep Blue

I got a sample bottle of this stuff and it said it was good for rubbing on sore muscles. I wasn’t sure if it should be diluted, so I added a couple of drops to some olive oil and then gave Irving a massage to help work out the knot he had in his shoulder. He had a procession the next day and texted me to tell me that he felt amazing and the pain he’d had for days was gone. He is even more of a believer than I am.

Other oils I’ve used include oregano and DigestZen for my upset stomach (nausea disappeared within seconds), and Frankincense, which drives me crazy because I dislike the smell, but it is really good on cuts.

If you’re interested in buying oils retail, you can help me out by buying from my site here. Your price doesn’t change, but I get a percentage. However, I’m also looking to build my team of consultants, so if you’re interested in getting a 25% discount, you can sign up under me. There’s no obligation to sell, no monthly minimum for orders, but if you end up recommending them to other people, you can also turn it into a business opportunity.

I won’t get all preachy about this, but I’m definitely going to be recommending essential oils more often and would love to have some of my readers join my team, so I’m offering a little incentive. When you sign up with me and get an enrollment kit, you’ll get $25 in free oils. Just let me know which oils you want when you sign up. You can contact me through the contact form on the blog.

Do you have any experiences with essential oils?