Childhood Songs

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When I was growing up, our music was limited to classical, Christian, oldies and Valdy. Those of you not born in Canada probably have no idea who I´m talking about but Valdy had a prominent place in our cassette library. :D

Valdy is a folk singer with songs that have a catchy beat and tell stories. My kind of music. And I listened to his “Play Me A Rock ´n´Roll Song” all my growing up years. Then we moved to Saltspring Island when my dad decided to relocate to his Victoria office and guess who lived on the same island? That´s right, the man who strummed his guitar out of my parents´ stereo.


He was nothing like I´d imagined and he was the first famous person I had ever met. With long, wispy hair and a toothy grin, he would walk onto the ferry with his battered, psychadelic handpainted guitar case and chat with anyone and everyone. He performed at nearly every local event and later on, when my father started his music/video studio, we worked on a music video for Valdy and I got to work with him up close.

For a famous person, Valdy is extremely down-to-earth, just a hippie living with his wife, Katherine (who does some absolutely gorgeous sculptures) in a little house by a lake. Both of them are great people and when I stumbled across his website the other day, I remembered the days spent hanging out there, on the front lawn, videotaping footage for the video.

I wonder if he would send a cd all the way to Guatemala . . .


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  1. Jessica K on November 26th, 2007 10:05 pm

    Hey Genesis!
    I just gave you a blog award! Come on over and see it!

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