Christmas, It´s a Coming!

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Is it just me or did November just vanish in a heartbeat? I could have sworn we had more time before Christmas and now it´s looming on the horizon! And we aren´t even close to being ready here! Every day I make plans to do some sewing, but something always happens to distract me, so I just add to the pile.

For example. On Friday, we went into town and we were walking through the market to get some diapers when we passed a tiny little fabric shop that I frequent. I have to take a photo of it sometime. Just picture a little room about 3 meters across and about 5 deep. In the middle is a massive, heavy wooden table for cutting and the walls are literally covered in fabric, stacked right up to the ceiling, with shelves coming out over the table, making it feel like you are in a fabric cave!

Anyway, out front, they had some new fabric, polar fleece! It´s really hard to find fleece here, let me tell you, I´ve been asking for a couple of years now, so this was a find. There were five rolls of the stuff, all in the same pattern, giant teddies with bows on a colored background. There was a yellow one, a green one and the other three were variations of pink. Needless to say, I bought the yellow and green (did I mention this stuff was double wide?) for about $3 a yard.  To make jammies for the boys. Do I really need two yards for each child, double wide? Probably not. To tell the truth, I was thinking blankets at first. But then I realized what snuggly jammies the fleece would make. But the other thing is that the rolls were awfully low and chances are that when this runs out, it´s gone forever, so I bought a lot. I would love to have bought the whole roll, but that´s just my pack rat genes kicking in.

So, there we are, waiting for the fabric to be cut and Irving discovers some Christmas prints. We need a tree skirt, which I had planned to do all fancy and embroidered, but obviously that ship has sailed, since we are putting up the tree on Monday! So, we bought some poinsettia print fabric that will just need hemming and then a slit to fit it around the  tree base. Simple, huh? And I can cross yet another thing off my list.

If I ever get around to sewing anything. Which I fully intend to do today. After I´ve written my blog post assignments, posted the winners of my contest over on At Home Mom, and finished one last article that is due today. Yup, I´ll have lots of time to sew . . .


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