Did I Say I Was Caught Up?

Sure, I got my Christmas shopping done nice and early, but it’s now the 23rd and my to do list is still insanely long! Oops. There are a few reasons for this, including a friend in need and news that threw our family for a real loop. I will blog more about that in January, once it has been better processed. The end result, however, is that I’m very, very behind.

I did get some little hats done for my nieces. Here’s one of them:

The second one came out cuter, but I forgot to take a photo before I wrapped the gifts. The hats came together very quickly, so I suspect that will be a go to last minute gift in the future. :) I can change them up to make puppies, cats, bears, etc.

I still have hats to do for the boys and Zanelle, plus, I decided to make the boys new jackets for Christmas Eve, to protect against the chill when we go out to set off firecrackers. Yeah, because I needed a new project a few days before Christmas.

The advent calendar is finished, thank goodness. I ran out of ideas early on, so it was a struggle to get all the ornaments done. It’s looking pretty cool though and the boys are thrilled to hang a new ornament each day and count off the ones that are left. I’ll have to get a picture when all the ornaments are up.

There is still a stocking to be made for Dominic, since his from last year is a mini one and, well, he’s already at the age where he will notice that his stocking is smaller and therefore “not fair!” Not to mention, the things I have for his stocking are too big to fit in that bitty thing.

Today is a day of making tamales, sewing jackets, hunting down a turkey and wrapping gifts. It will be hectic, but I know the boys will love it all come midnight tomorrow!




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