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I’ve been trying to do at least one fun activity with the boys each day. So far, so good! Here’s another fun thing we did the other day. I thought it would be just for Dominic, but I did make two bags, just in case one of the big boys wanted to mush stuff around. Boy, was I wrong! They BOTH wanted discovery bags and were quite miffed that I didn’t make three. Ah well. Next time.

So, discovery bags are basically just bags with hair gel in them and a bunch of small items from around the house to fit a theme. We did ocean themed bags. Our hair gel is already blue (???) so there was no need to add food coloring, but you can do that if you want. About a quarter cup is all you need.

I used a variety of items, including some fish sequins I’ve been saving since forever, some sequin spirals, some foam fish that I cut out myself, plus some starfish, also from foam. I also put in a little of the silver raffia stuff I found in the paca the other day and some star and moon confetti sequins (“Hello, my name is Genesis and I’m a sequinaholic.”)

Make sure all the air is out of the bag or it will pop. Oh, who are we kidding, it’s going to pop anyway, if you have crazy kids like mine. :) The first bag lasted all of ten minutes, but the second one is still going strong. Seal the top with tape to remind little fingers not to open the bag. The gel is really cool, so on hot days, apparently, it’s fun to smoosh the bag over bare knees and feet.

All the blogs I’ve seen that have done this have taped the bag to a window. I didn’t do that because Dominic just broke the one window that is low enough for him to do this with. I did try putting them on the fridge, but they stayed put all of 2.4 seconds. Whatever. I told them to play outside and they did, so the gel was just hosed away later. No biggie.

Last, but not least, Dominic demonstrating the squishiness of the bag in a blog-safe manner. I seriously didn’t tell him to do this, he saw the camera, held the bag over his face (while grinning his photo grin behind it and waited for me to take the picture. Then he said, “Let’s see?” and ran to check out how photogenic his chubby little hands are.

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