DIY Magnetic Board Games

Things have been hectic around here lately with school, work and assorted life wrenches. For the most part, Dorian does his schoolwork online, but yesterday, he was learning about magnets, so I decided it was a good time to do some offline work.

We dug out all the magnets we have and tested poles and checked which items in our house have iron in them. We also discussed the very important experiment Dante did a couple of years ago when he put animal magnets on a computer screen.

After playing around with these, we came up with an idea . . . why not make a game?

magnetic game

This is the space game that Dante and I made. You use a magnet under the board to pull the little astronaut along the path through the universe, without getting off track.

space magnet game

Dorian wanted to make a jungle version to play AFTER the space one. “This is the planet that the astronaut lands on!”

jungle magnet game

As you can see, these are crazy simple to make. We used thin cardboard from a tea box and a notebook cover. We then drew a path, added decor in the way of drawings, stickers and cutouts and then we colored them. The little people were made from paper stuck to a bit of magnetic tape and then cut out. You could also glue them to a small paperclip, but I happened to have the tape on hand.

You’ll also need a magnet underneath. We found that most magnets worked well, but round ones can tend to flip the little player around because of the poles. So you might end up going off track.

Here’s what I used in these fun little games (they literally bought me over an hour of peace while they played!!):

3 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Board Games

  1. I always tell the kids: Figure out what gravity is made out of and you can write your own ticket. We all know what it does, only too well but how does it pass through time and space at an instant? I’m sure it is something simple and after it is ‘discovered’ , we will be asking how we never thought of it. Magnetism has a bit of gravity in its bailiwick, it’s a clue…

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