Dominic?s Birth Story

As regular readers know, Dominic was very determined to be a breech baby. He LIKED sitting (I?ve noticed that he still does, now that he?s out in the big world, heh). So, last Saturday, when the doctor told us that he was breech again, I was disappointed, but not 100% surprised. After all, I had felt a lot of movement lately down low and was worried that if he was in the right position, that his legs didn?t work!

The dr. noted that there wasn?t much amniotic fluid left and said it was best to get Dominic into the world. ?He?s a big baby and you?re far enough along that he shouldn?t have any problems.? The C-section was originally set for Tuesday, but as we were heading home, I got a little emotional at the thought of bringing a baby into the world on the 21st. I know it doesn?t actually matter, but I like even numbers and the other boys were on even numbers (14 and 16) and at the time, waiting TWO days for the dreaded surgery was a lot to deal with. So we called the doctor and asked if we could do Monday, instead. He said it was fine and we went home to prepare for the arrival of our third son.

Irving cleaned the house, I cooked and sewed. Sunday night, I was so nervous! I tried to sleep, but it was pretty impossible. I was alternating between being terrified of the surgery and ecstatic that we were getting to meet our baby in a few hours!

The next morning, we hung out with the kids and explained everything to them, made arrangements for my brother-in-law to be with them while Irving joined me in surgery and then we sat and got more and more nervous. I re-packed the bags for the hospital. Finally we left at 10 and went to take out the last of the money to pay the medical bill and stopped to pay the electric bill before heading to the hospital.

In hospital, I was given a cushy room and told that the C-section was scheduled for 1 pm. MORE time to wait. We watched TV and a nurse kept checking on Dominic?s heartbeat. He was completely calm . . . obviously oblivious to the fact we were about to drag him into the real world!

At 1, my doctor showed up, checked me over and had us head upstairs to the green room. I nearly cried when they wheeled me in. I was so anxious and thinking back to last April when Dorian was wheeled into the exact same room made me feel so bad. He must have been so terrified.

Irving was scrubbed in and came in after they?d already put in the spinal block. Any fears I had about feeling anything during surgery went away when everything from the chest down went numb. The anesthesiologist was joking away and told me to try moving my legs, which I think was meant to be reassuring, but just made me mildly panicky because obviously I couldn?t!

The process was fairly quick in the beginning, I didn?t feel anything until they started to take Dominic out, but couldn?t tell what was going on, just a tugging sensation, exactly like you read about. The anesthesiologist said, ?oh, they have his legs out!? Irving was trying to get the camera to open, but it wouldn?t, so there are no pics of that part. The next thing I knew, the pediatrician was running out of the room and I just caught a glimpse of grey limbs in his arms. My doctor told Irving to go with him and so off he went. I could see them in the other room by turning my head and was worried that the baby wasn?t crying. The pediatrician suctioned him out and finally, Dominic let out a wail worthy of a pissed off baby who has just realized that he?s not in Kansas anymore!

Irving stayed while they cleaned him and I heard him ask, ?Does he have an anus? Because we have a son who was born without.? It was kind of funny to see the two men bending over and peering at Dominic?s bottom. ?Yup, perfectly formed!? Whew.

The doctor was busy sewing things up on me when Irving came hurrying in to tell me, ?He?s perfect and healthy and he looks JUST like Dante!? His eyes were literally shining with pride. I had been worried that the C-section wouldn?t be as awesome for him to witness as a natural birth and maybe it wasn?t, but I have never, ever seen him glow like that. He was SO thrilled.

Dominic was brought in to show me but I mostly just got a look at legs and long feet, then he was taken to get dressed. Irving went with him, of course. When they wheeled me back to the room, he brought up the rear, proudly carrying his bundled up son. It was pretty awesome, he looked so happy, I wish I?d thought to ask someone to take a photo of him!

Back in the room, I asked to hold Dominic because A) I wanted to check him out and get a good look at him and B) I wanted to start breastfeeding as soon as possible. Even though I couldn?t feel much, Irving helped me get Dominic latched on and we stared at each other for a while he figured things out.

Dominic stayed awake for a very long time, checking us out. He would lift his head up and look around and then lay it back down, rest a moment and lift it back up. When he finally fell asleep, Irving and I talked about the newest addition to our family and then he headed home to get the boys.

I?ll write a bit more about our homecoming and everyone?s reaction to Dominic later. We came home yesterday at 3 pm, so a little more than 24 hours after the surgery and it has been a bit of a challenge, but it?s better to be home than stuck in the hospital and Dominic is fitting in perfectly to our family

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