Dorian Turns 10

I can’t believe my son has been around for a whole decade. Where did the time go?!

Dorian’s requests were simple this year. He wanted a can of whipped cream, but didn’t think it was available here, and a Geometry Dash cake. Pretty easy, right? Well, it was, until I burned the cake! He suggested I cut off the burned part, which I did. Then I iced the whole thing, thinking icing would be easier than fondant for such a basic design. Boy, was I wrong!

The completed cake looked . . . iffy. It was dry and not that tasty, but we survived. I’d added sprinkles to the inside of the cake, so it looked pretty, at least.

Fortunately, the rest of the day was much more of a success! We got Dorian his can of whipped cream and he was thrilled! Everyone had to have a mouthful, of course.

He also received a BeanBoozled game, which is pretty much the weirdest thing I can imagine. The kids have watched countless YouTube videos on this game and loved it. So, I got a friend to bring me one from the US. Basically, this game is full of jellybeans in various colors, but there are good and bad flavors. When you eat a green one, for example, it might be lime or it could be grass clippings. Brown is either dog food or chocolate pudding. Buttered popcorn or barf (yes, there is actually a barf jellybean. EW!). Needless to say, they had a BLAST playing this game. I didn’t dare touch it.

They also got giant LEGO figures to play with, from Star Wars. Then we packed up and headed to our favorite park, Florencia, for a cookout and some playtime. We took along my brother-in-law, his wife Alejandra and their daughter Sofia 3. Everyone enjoyed eating churrasco and the kids ran around like crazy in the forest and on the playground until they were thoroughly worn out.

Dorian is 10. And he’s VERY happy about it.

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