Any long time readers know that I don’t exactly get along with my mother-in-law, but I also don’t want to see her (or anyone for that matter) hurt. This morning, we received a call saying that she’d fallen in Antigua. The sidewalks and cobblestones there are rough and prone to holes, so this sort of thing happens frequently.

Thinking she had just been banged up a bit, Irving headed off to pick her up. When he got there, he realized that she was hurt far worse than just a few bumps and bruises, so he took her to the ER at the local public hospital.

They did X-rays and discovered that not only did she break her arm, she’s shattered her shoulder and it will require surgery. While the public hospital offers basic free care, Irving has already had to pay for the tests and her immobilizer. Any medications are going to be out of pocket, as well . . . including those for the surgery.

Since Esperanza hasn’t had much work lately, she’s pretty upset about losing her job while she’s recovering, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully it won’t come to that! In the meantime, we’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help out with medical costs and getting her back on her feet. If you’d like to donate, feel free. If you just want to share the page on your Facebook or Twitter, that would also be awesome. And of course, prayers for a quick recovery will be a big help.

You can click here to donate or share. Thanks!

Esperanza's medical fund

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