I forgot how exhausting it is to be at the end of a pregnancy. I?m 35 weeks today and I feel like I could really sleep for the remaining 5 weeks. But that?s not in the books at the moment!

My sister, Sarah, is coming down for the first two weeks of March, to help out with the boys and stuff, so we need to figure out where to put her. This little house is getting awfully crowded! It was tight for 4 of us, but soon there will be 5 and then 6 for a couple of weeks. I really want to clean the place up a bit before she gets here, but I?m not sure there?s enough energy left in the reserve tank for that!

Another to do on my list is freezer meals. A bunch of women in my due date club are making freezer meals to ensure they don?t have to cook after the baby comes, which is an awesome idea. I?ve done this before, but some of the recipes I used originally didn?t work so well. So if you have a winning freezer meal recipe, please feel free to share in the comments! I know that I rarely cook after a baby arrives and to tell the truth, I don?t want to rely on Irving?s mayonnaise marinated beef for a few weeks, so . . . freezing it is! If my sister wants to cook while she?s here, I?m not opposed to that either, since she makes a mean bacon weave and potato wedges that the boys gobble down like nobody?s business.

And on that note, off to work for the day.

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