Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

And now for something totally different! I thought you might enjoy a break from baby blabber, but I had nothing else to say, so I thought I?d do a movie review. :S

Irving and I watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close a while back and my sister and I watched it again when she was here. Yes, it?s that good.

The movie is about a young boy who?s father (Tom Hanks) died in 9/11. On the Last Day, he came home early from school and found the answering machine full of messages from his father. He stole the answering machine and replaced it, so his mother would never have to listen to the tape, but he tortures himself with it frequently.

A year after his father?s death, Oskar finds a mysterious ?clue? . . . a key in an envelope in a vase in his father?s closet. Convinced that his father left him one last treasure hunt to follow, Oskar takes to the streets of New York, trying to find the lock that the key fits. He?s on the autistic spectrum, so it?s not easy for him. As he says, everything is scarier after 9/11 and while he was originally scared of swings, bridges and trains, now he?s frightened of much, much more. But he sucks it up, divides the city into tiny squares that he estimates will take him over 3 years to cover and begins to follow the clue his father left him.

Oskar?s journey is a heartbreaking, yet fascinating one. He is joined by ?The Renter?, an old mute who rents a room from his grandmother in the apartment across the street from Oskar and he meets countless people along the way, carefully documenting everything and organizing the information he gathers in a desperate attempt to preserve what he had with his father.

In the end, he does find out what the key fits and it?s not what he expected. The end result, however, is not the point of the movie. The focus is on the growth of a young boy who lost his father far too soon and under horrible circumstances and his gradual coming to grips with the new reality, living with his grief. It?s an incredible movie and Thomas Horn, the young actor, does an incredible job of portraying a very hurt boy who doesn?t fit in with the rest of the world, and who has just lost the only person who really understood him.

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