Family of Five: A Day in the Life

I don?t know if it was the surgery that threw me off with this baby or the fact that he?s the third or maybe just the big gap between kids that somehow aged me into a not-so-baby person, but adjusting this time around has been HARD. Like crazy hard. I really don?t remember things being this complicated with Dorian and truthfully, I don?t remember much about Dante?s early days, except for the dual diaper changes, dual bottles and . . . . well, that?s about it, actually. So maybe it was hard and I just lost that part of my brain.

Dominic isn?t a difficult baby, but he doesn?t sleep that much during the day and likes to be carried 24/7 in the sling. That makes it tough to get some things done. Trying to manage a baby and two older kids has been a bit of a challenge and I was really stressed about Irving being gone all of Semana Santa, but we are starting to fall into a routine, with or without him (he?s had a lot of processions lately, so we?re getting early practice). Here?s what a typical day looks like for us right now:

4 or 5 am: Dominic wakes up. I bring him into bed with me to nurse him. We both drift in and out.

6 am: The older boys get up and start playing Lego in the kitchen. Dorian puts on a Japanese song on the computer, at top volume, waking me and the baby up. I change Dominic, getting lots of cute baby smiles in the process (he?s a happy waker upper!).

6:30 am: Get cereal for the boys, bottle for Dominic, since he?s finished off all I have to offer. Sit down to check email and Facebook. I still haven?t broken my computer habit, even though I?m not really working right now!

7 am: Time for school! I haul out the books and we sit at the kitchen table. Dominic ?helps? with the lessons by giving math problems in a squeaky voice. The boys love it!

9 am: To finish school up, we do a science experiment. We built a fog machine the other day, we also have tested what powders dissolve in water and what happens to liquids when they get very hot or very cold.

9:30 am: Kids wrestle on the floor while I feed Dominic again.

10 am: Kick hyper children outside and put on some laundry with Dominic sleeping. Switch him to my back so I can wash dishes and fold laundry.

11 am: Realize it?s too late to make bread for lunch and start thinking what to serve. Kids come back from playing outdoors, covered in dirt and wondering what?s to eat.

noon: We sit down to tortillas and avocado. Simple, but edible and the only thing I could whip up since Dominic started screaming just before I got to work making lunch.

1 pm: Kids watch Curious George on Netflix, I watch Dr. Who while feeding the baby.

2 pm: Send one of my clients to a fellow writer since I don?t want the work right now. Dominic is fussy and won?t settle, so I rock in my rocking chair and eye the dishes, wishing I could do something about them.

3 pm: No attempt to sleep from the baby, kids are fighting on the chair, punching each other and yelling. I yell at them to stop fighting for the hundredth time and am ignored, so everyone gets time outs.

4 pm: Put Dominic in his bouncy chair to try and make something for supper. He screams his head off, so I throw on a pot of water and decide it?s pasta again.

5 pm: No one wants to eat pasta. Tell them that this is it or they won?t eat tonight. They counter with ?But we ate pasta YESTERDAY!? I reply, ?Yeah, well, if you weren?t so picky, you might have more options, eat it or starve.? Dante bursts into tears with ?You want me to DIE?!?

6 pm: Get boys to clean up their Lego, assorted cars and action figures off the floor while I throw dishes in the sink and bounce a wailing baby in the sling.

6:30 pm: Get older kids to brush their teeth, change them into PJs and field ?I?m hungry!? complaints.

7 pm: Dominic is still fussing, it?s his bedtime. Read stories to kids while feeding him, get them tucked into bed.

7:05 pm: Kill a spider the boys found on the wall.

7:07 pm: Fill their water bottles that I forgot to fill before bed.

7:08 pm: Dominic falls asleep. Dante comes out to pee, slams the door upon returning to his room and wakes the baby up again.

7:15 pm: Get after boys for making too much noise.

7:30 pm: FINALLY get Dominic to sleep for good. Put him in his car seat (he doesn?t sleep in his crib, sigh).

7:45 pm: Get the night chores done, boil water for bottles, fill the thermos, wash dishes, clean table, sweep and wash/boil bottles.

9 pm: Head to bed.

midnight: Irving gets up with Dominic. Thanks, dear!

When Irving is here, he does most of the cleaning, as well as handling the older boys part of the time.

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