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Irving and I had a long talk last night about the safety of living here and the feasibility of moving to Canada. He says that he would hate to leave, but at the same time, his children are top priority and he´s willing to do what he needs to in order to ensure their safety. I feel the same way.

Basically, what we have come up with is this . . . we will continue to live here and finish the house for now. The boys are going to be fine with supervision for a few years yet, so we´ve decided that unless things get far worse, we´ll continue as is, taking precautions, of course, not going anywhere that might be dangerous, etc. The majority of the area is still quite safe and Irving has no enemies, so I think we are fine for now. Our real concern is when the boys want to start going out on their own. We can´t have them locked up in the house all their lives!

We figure that when Dorian is about 10 and Dante 9, we´ll move to Canada. That gives us 8 years to do the following:

- For me to start earning enough money to actually survive in a first world country.

- For us to take a trip or two to Canada, making it easier for Irving to get Landed Immigrant status later on.

- For Irving to learn English fluently.

- For Irving to figure out a way to earn money, online or otherwise.

We have always planned to homeschool our children, so the move won´t be that big a deal in the education department. It makes it even more important now, since I wouldn´t want to try and get two children into a school in Canada after having been educated in the Guatemalan school system! At least this way, I can make sure they have the right skills in English and in Spanish!

So, that´s the plan. I´m still very nervous, because I don´t know if I can get my earnings up high enough to make it possible to live in Canada and I hate the idea of having to go out to work after spending so long at home with my boys! But we´ll have to make it work.

Right now, I´m focusing on a few different areas. The idea is stop exchanging time for money, like I´m doing now, writing articles for low quantities of money. I happen to have a huge number of domain names, so I´m starting to set those up and build them into sites that will earn money. Later, I can hire someone else to do the writing or sell the sites and reinvest the money. Also, I´m working on an ebook for women entrepreneurs, which will tie into my At Home Mom blog for wahms, and an English course that will be available online for people looking to study my native tongue. Since I have years of experience teaching English, it shouldn´t be a problem to do it, it´s just finding the time.

And, since we still need money for the here and now, I am still writing articles! :D I´m trying to do 3 a day to submit to Constant Content, since I get the best rates there. Truthfully, I don´t focus enough on writing for them, mainly because they pay at the end of the month and other jobs pay immediately, but it really is the best way to go because, although they take 33%, you get to set the price and people are currently paying $40-50 for full rights to my short articles there. Far better than $5 keyword articles!


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