Finally, Some Sewing!

Last night, I ignored work emails (after hours, of course) and focused on what I?m supposed to be doing, according to my doctor, resting. Except I?m not very good at just being still. So, Irving and I watched Contagion (do NOT watch that movie if you don?t want to be avoiding touching doorknobs and wearing a mask for the rest of your life) and I worked on some sewing.

I have one hat for Dominic. One. In a country where hats are mandatory if you don?t want your baby to die. So it was obviously time to make a few. I had a couple of tutorials that I?d been dying to try, so I got to work and made a couple of hats last night while watching the movie.

This is the first one I made, from this tutorial.

The pattern was dead simple, but my machine didn?t have enough space for the hem, so I was sewing all scrunched up and the hem turned out wonky. Oh well. I?m going to make a half dozen more of these, since they are easy to whip up from old T-shirts and I figure I?ll adjust the hem slightly so it will fit better in my machine. it can always be turned up for the baby.

The second hat is my absolute favorite. I?m addicted to this hat. I found the tutorial a while back and bought a men?s shirt in the pacas ages ago and even had it all cut out, but didn?t get around to sewing it until last night and it was love at first sight.

This cute little cap is made from ONE sleeve of the shirt. Which means I have tons of fabric left to make other stuff. I?m thinking a matching little jacket and some booties would be perfect. It?s just so . . . BOY. And I was surprised at how easy the hat was to make, albeit a little time consuming. It has lining and a buttonhole, which I wasn?t looking forward to, but it came out fine and even the tricky bits weren?t tricky after all.

I have a couple more shirts that I am going to turn into hats now . . .

2 thoughts on “Finally, Some Sewing!

  1. Hello,
    I have a Pfaff 2034 sewing machine that I bought because it has a dual voltage switch on the bottom and allows me to use it in the US and Europe. Now I´d like to find a serger/overlock machine that has the same sort of switch but can´t for the life of me find out which models of which brands might have it. I´ve gotten tons of replies from different websites saying that they don´t have any such thing.
    Have you by chance found one?

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