First Steps

I sent off the third draft of my novel to my beta reader today. It was terrifying to push the send button and then sit there worrying that I should have edited more. But it’s done. I have edited the poor manuscript within an inch of its life and while I’m sure it is still riddled with errors, it needs another set of eyes on it before I can continue.

That was just one step toward achieving my goals this year. I’ve also been working on Squidoo and turning out new lenses on a daily basis. The goal is two per day (for a total of 60 a month) and I’ve been fairly good about sticking to it.

For article writing, things are a bit harder. For some reason, once I’ve been interrupted while writing an article, I have a lot of troubles getting back into it. I really just need to sit down and churn them out. On the plus side, I uploaded 7 articles to Constant Content today. Those ought to be working for me soon and hopefully selling rapidly. We shall see.

It’s only a week into the new year, so I’m trying to set a pace that will last for the rest of the year. In another week we add school, so I need to make sure that my other systems are running smoothly before then!

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