Fleece Monster Jackets

I did a lot of sewing before Christmas. I already showed you the hat that I made for one of my nieces (I made a second for the other baby niece). Here is an action shot of one of the hats:

The other huge project that I took on was this:

I made one for each of the boys, using fleece found in the market. It’s thinner than the fleece I’m used to, but it worked for these cute jackets.

The pattern I used was this one. I made the 116 cm version for the older boys, but lengthened Dorian’s by about 2 inches. Dominic’s jacket is the 104 cm version. I cut out the monsters and appliqued them to the backs of the jackets before sewing the garments. It was a bit difficult, particularly with the spines on Dominic’s.

Here’s a closer look at the designs.

While the jackets were a lot of work (the actual jacket was really quick to whip up, it was the applique that took so long), I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. And the boys love them, which is the whole point!


4 thoughts on “Fleece Monster Jackets

  1. Pretty pleased with how they turned out, huh? That’s your understatement of the year – these jackets are incredible! And this picture is pretty amazing too.

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