Friday´s Feast

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This week Gattina is hosting Friday´s Feast, so if you want to play, head over to her blog!

Imagine that you are deaf, dumb and insensitive to touch.What other image of happiness could you have?

Obviously taste and smell come to mind. I happen to have a very sensitive nose, something that drives Irving nuts when I can´t stand the odor of something he can´t even smell! I have him searching through the whole house to find the offensive object and he thinks I ought to just live with it. :D But the good side is that I enjoy aromas that most people can´t smell, too!
Do you collect anything?

Um, does the collection of children´s medicine in my closet count? Or maybe all those dirty diapers out in the garbage?

Truthfully, I don´t collect anything except worn out clothing (for future, unnamed sewing projects) these days. :( But I used to have a really cool Coca Cola collection, a stamp collection, and a book collection. Gave it all up to go travelling.

When do you start your Christmas?

December first. That´s when my mom used to set up the tree and we´d decorate the house. She also made a rule that Christmas songs were ONLY allowed during the month of December. I´m following that tradition . . . well, maybe not the Christmas songs . . .

Main Course
What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?

It totally depends on the type of snake! If it were something harmless like a garter snake, I´d just step over it and sweep it out the door. However, if it were poisonous (or if I didn´t know, which is really far more realistic since I´m not a herper) I guess I´d just scream for Irving to come and kill it. Like I do with any spider larger than the tip of my pinkie.
If you were in the library and had gas

Um. This is a nice embarrassing one. I would probably get it out as silently as possible, then discreetly move to another part of the library. :D


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  1. Deb on November 23rd, 2007 11:09 am

    Nice Friday’s Feast! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Come on over and Check out my combined blog with Thursday and Friday! Have a good weekend! Gotta go put up Christmas decor soon!

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